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Friday, July 8, 2016

I Can Do This On My Own

By Kelly Bridgewater

A couple of months ago, our church had a meeting with the parents of little children. Our church was thinking of starting Awana's. Currently, our church does have Wednesday night service for our elementary kids, but it is only about four months out of the year. I didn't go to the meeting; my husband did. But we discussed it when he came home. He wanted to see what I thought. I believed Awana's would be good for our young children.

The church I grew up in, Eagle Creek Grace Brethern Church, in Indianapolis, Indiana had a program for young girls called Little Sister (K-2 grade) and Amigos ( 3-5 grade). We had these books with verses, Romans road, and the books of the Bible. Every time we could cite something to the leader, it was marked off. In May, there was an award ceremony where we earned pins that correlated with our accomplishments. I put all my pins on a pillow. I still have that pillow with all the pins on them.
Not only did that time give my parents a break, but it also gave me a firm foundation in my faith. I believe accountability is good for younger kids. My husband and I have tried a lot of churches in our hometown, and most of them aren't teaching the children the basics anymore. They want to be cool and hip.

But how is that going to make them strong enough to stand up to the world?

I think Awana's would be a great way to give my boys some accountability and disciple with their faith. I watched the show The American Bible Challenge with my boys. I knew majority of the answers, and my oldest son was in awe. He asked how I knew so much about the Bible.  I replied with telling him that I spent every day reading something in my Bible. I know, as a family, we talk about what we learned in church, and I bring the Bible up everyday in my boys life, but I don't force them to memorize scripture everyday like I do.

Why not?
In writing, it is my passion, but do I really spend a lot of time reading craft books by authors I respect? Do I study the master's who are published? Do I spend time every day at the computer, typing away at another creative piece?

Right now, I don't have an accountability partner. Maybe that is why some mornings I wake up and decide not to do any writing, so I don't. When I join NaNoWriMo for November and Speedbo for March, I am held accountable for how much writing I get done. It is nice to have that sense of someone caring how much writing I actually get done. Or if I'm writing at all.

So I am more productive then.

We all need someone to make sure we're on the straight and narrow whether it is writing or studying God's Word.

Do you have an accountability partner? Any suggestions on how to find one? If you have one, what is your favorite or least favorite part of their involvement in your success?


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