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Friday, December 5, 2014

How Do You Write During Christmas?

By Kelly Bridgewater

Christmas is my favorite time of year. There are many moments for making memories such as tree decorating with lights, garland, and bringing out the homemade ornaments from Christmas pasts. I even get a little misty eyed when I bring out my boys’ Precious Moments Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments.  My oldest son Elijah’s has been dropped a couple of times and super glued back together. Poor guy.

I love baking from sugar cookies to peanut butter fudge and brittle. I really liked watching my boys as they spend over ten minutes making the perfect snowman or reindeer cookie. My favorite part is making all these goodies and then taking my boys to deliver them to some of the widowed and bachelors in the neighborhood. The joy on their face reminds me of the real reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

My family loads up in the Suburban and visits the Christmas lights around town after dark with the carols blaring from the radio station. One street in our city has every house lit up. They put Chevy Chase’s house to shame. I can’t imagine the light bill for those houses, but we always make a trek to see their brilliance.

We enjoy attending live nativity especially the one that gives out bags of cookies and hot cocoa to everyone before watching the theatrical piece.  

We gather as a father and watch tons of Christmas movies in the evening while eating homemade Carmel popcorn. There are a number of them that we look forward to such as Elf, Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks, and Holiday Inn.

But with all this fun stuff occupying the majority of my free moment, I wonder if I actually work in time to do what I have been called to do? Do I actually write in the month of December? Do you?

It doesn’t have to be a complete manuscript like in November for the NaNoWriMo, but do you write 500 words or less. Honestly, I don’t think I do. I need to make it more of a priority during the holidays. Even if I only write blog entries for next year, then that will be less to have to worry about when I start editing my 90,000 word manuscript.

Maybe if we all wrote a little every day then our writing would improve just a little bit more.
I’m going to try to write a little every day to keep my skills sharp and in use.

How do you include writing among all the festivities? Comment below to give me some suggestions to use.

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