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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Christmas World War II Novel

By Kelly Bridgewater

Thanks to writers like Sarah Sundin, Cara Putnam, Liz Tolsma, and Kristy Cambron, I have become obsessed with the World War II historical fiction genre. Being an avid reader and writer of suspense books, this has been quite a change for me, but one I have been enjoying. When I learned the Cara Putnam, Sarah Sundin, and Tricia Goyer wrote a compilation Christmas story entitled Where Treetops Glisten with a short story by each respective author, I couldn’t wait to buy it. Unfortunately, my local town did not have a copy, so I had to wait until the ACFW conference in St. Louis to buy one. But I had Cara Putnam autograph it as we talked about my writing. We only live about an hour and a half away from each other. How cool was that!

I waited until the Christmas season, so I could read the book while listening to my 1940’s Pandora Christmas channel under the glow of the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree in my living room. It has been nice.

Where Treetops Glisten    -     By: Tricia Goyer, Cara Putman, Sarah Sundin
My favorite book of the three was “White Christmas” by Cara Putnam. I think it is because I relate to Abigail Turner the most. I remember raising a family while attending school. Not that Abigail did, she worked at Glatz Candies in the evening. Abigail has a big heart and wants to help others out. First, Jackson, then the kids at the hospital, even though she is deathly afraid of entering from all the past deaths in her life. Putnam does a good job at drawing the reader into story and making them understand and empathsize with Jackson and Abigail as they learn to move on with their present lives and seek God for direction.

Being labeled as a historical romance, I loved the part where Abigail and Jackson went and watched Holiday Inn, which is my Favorite Christmas movie. I watch it every year at Christmas time. I enjoyed how Sarah Sundin and Tricia Goyer helped pad the other exterior aspects of World War II with a fighter pilot who has to may have to return to the battle line and Merry who is a nurse in the Netherlands. All three of the short stories happen around Christmas and World War II, explaining the difficulties the people had to experience during the war at Christmas time. Something we all take for granted.

One of my favorite parts of the series was including all three siblings and the grandmother to tell the individual stories. It made the stories more appealing as a reader who likes to have a continuity of characters in a single or a series of stories, bringing the readers back for more.

I loved the entire book and probably will add this to my collection of books that I return to every Christmas to bring a smile to my face.

Do you have a certain book that you read every Christmas? If so, what is it?

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