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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Denise Hunter’s The Wishing Season

By Kelly Bridgewater

What does a restaurant, a home for eighteen-year-old foster kids, and sparks have in common? Nothing unless you just finished Denise Hunter’s latest book, The Wishing Season.

The story takes place in Indiana in a small town called Chapel Springs. This is the third book in the Chapel Springs series. The first two books are titled Dancing with Fireflies and Barefoot Summer. While the first stories featured the stories of sisters Madison and Jade, The Wishing Season tells the story of PJ McKinley, the youngest sister.

The Wishing Season, Chapel Springs Romance Series #3   -     By: Denise Hunter
As a heroine, PJ just wants to stop being noticed as the youngest sister who always chooses the wrong guy or the wrong career. She wants her family to be proud of her and see her in a new light. When the opportunity arises for her to buy the Simmons’ old historical home, she puts a bid in with a presentation to make a bed and breakfast with her dream restaurant on the main floor. PJ is the type of heroine who is strong and stands on her own two feet. Even though she knows she had made some mistakes in her past, PJ wants to change her situation and improve her life. Hunter did a good job at creating a character with strengths and frustrations like a normal person. I enjoyed the character of PJ and would love to meet someone like her in person.

Cole Evans. What can more can you ask for? He’s ripped, handsome, and cares about kids. I loved how Hunter created Cole’s back-story as the reason for wanting to make a transition home for foster kids. Cole carried around a lot of guilt from his past, but he kept moving, also trying to improve his situation and other kids in the foster care system. His heart for the children and PJ made me swoon and wished every guy behaved like him.

Hunter’s latest book had an interesting plot idea that I haven’t come across in any romance novels. I’m not a big fan of romance books unless someone is getting killer or kidnapped in them, but being the first book I had read by Denise Hunter, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cover drew me in, but the story kept me glued to the pages. I couldn’t wait to see how PJ and Cole would make their relationship work while ironing out the kinks to their pasts.

I highly recommend this book to any reader.

I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley, and all the opinions mentioned are my own.

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