Thursday, November 12, 2020

Murder Mystery Weekend

By Kelly Bridgewater

I would love to do a murder mystery weekend. They seem so mysterious, yet fun. I would enjoy dressing in period costumes and playing a role. It would be really fun to be the murderer and have people not have any idea that it was me. 

I have read and loved mystery novels majority of my life. It would be nice to use my investigative skills and try to figure out the clues for myself. It would be fun to actually have to solve the crime.

I would love to hang out in an old Victorian house and work with or against others as we try to solve a mystery. 

Have you ever done a murder mystery weekend? How about a murder mystery dinner party? Those look fun to, but I don't think I know of any close to where I live. 

That would be a fun gift and a weekend away with my husband. Maybe I should find one and line one up for our anniversary next year. It is October. Maybe find somewhere where it is actually cool around our anniversary. Where we live, it is usually really warm, and I don't want to do anything remotely outside. 

It would be cool to do it with friends. Maybe rent a house for the weekend and make our own murder mystery up. 


Need to plan one!

Has anyone ever planned one? Want to give me some advice on how to put one together? Or have you ever attended one and want to tell me how it actually works?

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