Thursday, November 26, 2020

Escape Rooms

By Kelly Bridgewater

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the idea of a murder mystery weekend. 

How about Escape rooms?

This is a game where you pay to go into a locked room for 60 minutes and have to find the way out through clues, switches, and other devices that bring you closer to exiting.

Have you ever done an escape room?

I have heard from some that it is fun. 

Some have said it depends on the element of the room.

Some of them are really hard. 

Some are gross in nature. 

I want to find one where it is like solving a World War II mystery or hunting through a safe to solve the mystery?

Maybe I could get my husband to go on this one too.

He is good with his hands, and we make a great team, so I'm sure we could win. 

What about you? Have you ever done an Escape Room? What was your theme? Was it easy? Hard? Share some of your experiences. Either good or bad. 

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