Monday, September 30, 2019

Tracie Peterson: What Comes My Way

By Kelly Bridgewater

Ella Fleming is on the run from her past and the secrets that could tear her family apart. As a member of the Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza, a wild west show comprised of all-female performers, her uncanny talent for trick riding impresses the viewers. Only while performing can she forget the truth about who she really is--the daughter of a murderer.

Phillip DeShazer blames himself for his father's death and has done his best to bury his guilt in work and drink. Realizing he needs something more, he seeks answers and finds support and kindness from the beautiful Ella Fleming. However, the more she comes to his rescue, the more his guilt grows. He's fallen in love with her and feels confident that she returns his feelings, but until he can overcome the past and let God guide his future, Phillip knows he's not worthy of Ella's love.

Uncertain of what will come their way, Ella and Phillip must learn to trust God even when the road they travel takes them in different directions. Only then can love be a part of their journey.

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My Thoughts:

What Comes My Way by Tracie Peterson is a wonderful way to end the Brookstone Brides series. I loved hanging out with these characters and watching them change and fall in love by the end of the series. With What Comes My Way, Peterson tied up a lot of loose ends and allowed the predictable romance to follow its path. Even though I knew how the romance would play out, I was still invested each of the characters' lives and couldn't wait to see how the story ended. Not much a spiritual element to the plot, but overall, the characters lived out God' s love in their stories. Organically included in the story. I enjoyed it that way. The plot was wonderfully written, and I really can't wait to buy all three novels and place them on my keeper shelf. I believe anyone who enjoys historical stories should pick up this novel and leave reality for a couple of hours.

I received a complimentary copy of What Comes My Way by Tracie Peterson from Bethany House, but the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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