Friday, September 27, 2019

Learned from Reading Fiction

By Kelly Bridgewater

We all read for entertainment, right? There is nothing that can be learned from fiction, right?

I actually know some people who actually believe this.

"The only time you learn something from a book is when the genre is non-fiction."



I have learned more from fiction than I have ever learned from non-fiction. I have a hard time with non-fiction in reading and remembering what I read, unless it is from the Bible. When we read a non-fiction title for Sunday School, I read it, listen to the discussion, maybe even participate in the discussion, then close the book and can't tell you anything about it. It doesn't stick with me.

Now fiction, on the other hand, sticks with me. Either through the characters' themselves or through their struggles. Ask me six months later what happened in the fiction novel, and I can tell you what happened.

So today, I have decided to show you some books that I have learned things from. (All images come from Goodreads, unless noted.)

King Henry VIII: Sandra Byrd

Life of the wealthy in the late 1900's: Jen Turano

Biblical Life: Connilyn Cossette and Tessa Afshar

World War I: Kate Breslin and Myra Johnson

World War II: (America) Sarah Sundin (She also is working on a D-Day series which has two books out already, and I loved them both!!!)


               (London) Cathy Gohlke and Melanie Dobson
               (Germany or other European Countries): Kristy Cambron, Kate Breslin, Liz Tolsma, and      Joel Rosenberg

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906: Karen Barnett

Creation of the National Parks: Karen Barnett

C. S. Lewis' wife Joy: 
Patti Callahan

Elizabeth Camden is one of my favorite writers who teaches me something about the early technological advances in America. She has taught me about the Weather Bureau, Pearl digging, Magazine publishing, Water to New York City, Library of Congress, Great Chicago Fire, and Tuberculosis

What about you? Have you learned anything from FICTION authors? Have you read any of the books mentioned? Is there any author you would add to this list?

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