Friday, August 24, 2018

Job 1: 8 -12

By Kelly Bridgewater

For the last two weeks, I have shared some passages from Job, and how I believe Satan must be working really hard to keep me busy since I refuse to give up my faith on God.

I honestly feel like everything that can go wrong always goes wrong with my life.

I can't find a job, even a FREE paying job, to do to use my degree.

I can't have enough money to go on nice vacations.

I can't have enough money to drive nice cars. All of our cars are at least twenty years old.

BUT . . .

even though, my life has been rough.

I still praise God. Whenever I feel depressed, which happens A LOT, I spend a lot of time listening to praise and worship music. It lifts my spirit and brings me back to commune with God.

How about you?

Do you ever feel like Satan is just sitting around thinking of ways to torture you?

Just because I believe in God and claim him as the Lord of my life, Satan thinks he can torture me.

But then again, I remember God is in charge. NOT Satan.

He really has no power over me.

I can tell him to leave.

Which I do A LOT.

God LOVES ME and wants what is best for me.

Even when I don't understand why everything has to break at once.

Feel free to leave some suggestions and prayers for me. I definitely need them.

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