Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Things Every Author Needs

By Kelly Bridgewater

Back at the end of September, Cara Putnam had a post go live that talked about five things that every reader needs. I enjoyed reading little lists like this, so it gave me an idea of what thing an author needs. So I have created my own list.
Here goes:

1.) A Support System

This could be anything from a supportive spouse to loving children that give you feedback when you ask for ideas for a story. What about God? If he doesn't support you by giving you the skills and the gift for this talent, then it would be hard to complete any writing at all. God is the ultimate storyteller, so he knows what story he has placed on your heart and how and when he wants it to face the world. 

2.) Books

Not just books to read, but writing books that have encouraged and taught us new ways to make our writing better. I have an entire book shelf devoted to writing instruction books and research about London, which is where my stories take place. Plus, I have an entire bookshelf devoted to suspense/mystery/ thriller books alongside my historical stories. Since I'm writing a historical thriller, I want to know what it takes to write in those genres. So besides just studying writing instruction books, I also study published writers to understand what it takes to be published.

3.) Time

Time. Something we all need more of. As a writer and a mother of three boys, time is something that seems to slip away, and I don't even know what I do with all the minutes of the day. A gift of more time would be nice to receive under the Christmas tree or as a nice birthday present. Maybe you have a spouse that allows you time to slip away from the responsibility of home and take a couple of hours to write or do research. What a joy that would be?
4.) A comfy sanctuary
 No, I'm not suggesting that you run to your pastor and ask him to make the pews turn into Lazyboy recliners. I'm wondering if you have a quiet place where you pump out your best work. Is it at the kitchen table in the middle of the chaos and noise of the your home? Is it on the backporch, overlooking the quietness of the yard as birds and squirrels flit around? We moved three months ago, so I haven't found that sweet spot at the new house where I think most of my writing will get done. I hope to find it soon because I used to have a spot at the old house, and I really miss it.

5.) Music
 Do you have a certain type of music that you like to listen to? Or do you listen to nothing when your fingers fly over the keyboard? I like to listen to praise and worship music or classical soundtracks from movies like Harry Potter, Narnia, or the Lord of the Rings.  Without words, it keeps my focus on what I am writing, not on what the words are trying to speak to me. But there are times that I feel I need some more praise music to help me out as I write a difficult scene.

This is just a little list of things that I need when I am trying to create my historical thrillers, but of course, there are many more that could be added. Maybe even some of these don't matter to you. That's okay too. Is there anything else that you feel needs to be added to this list? Add it.

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