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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tosca Lee: The Legend of Sheba

By K. L. Bridgewater

Who actually is the Queen of Sheba? References to her wealth has always been mentioned when someone acts like a spoiled brat. Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba? Even though mostly everyone knows the reference, does anyone really know anything about her? I know I didn’t before reading Tosca Lee’s latest release, The Legend of Sheba.

Legend of Sheba: The Rise of a Queen   -     By: Tosca Lee
Sheba appears in only three books in history: The Bible, The Quran, and the Kebra Nagast: The Glory of the Kings. I, however, did not even mention reading about Sheba in the Bible. I’m curious now to return to the story of Solomon and learn more about Sheba and their life together.

Tosca Lee does a good job at introducing the world to a princess that most people do not know much about. Starting with her life as a six-year-old little girl, Tosca Lee shows Sheba’s relationship with her mother before she dies. Sheba is shipped away for a long time because of her step-mother who believes Sheba is a curse to a future heir.

Readers will enjoy watching Sheba travel across the country to stake a claim in her father’s kingdom and become a female ruler of Punt. Be wooed from afar by King Solomon through poetry shipped across the country. Take a strong faith in her god of the moon. Travel from Punt to King Solomon’s country where she finally confronts the man behind the words.

Sheba becomes a real person as we see her experience love King Solomon. Even jealousy as he has to entertain and produce another heir to the throne to his Queen, the pharaoh’s daughter. The moments King Solomon and Sheba steal on the terrace or in the garden are moments of a true relationship.

The prose by Tosca Lee is flowery and poetic. It reads like an epic poetry in remembrance of The Illiad and The Odyssey by Homer. The words describe the scenery and the struggles of the Queen just like Homer did as he retold the story of Odysseus.

I truly enjoyed The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee because I got the chance to meet a princess who was important to Biblical history that most people didn’t know before. I thank Tosca Lee for her huge undertaking of making this vaguely known Queen more known to the masses.

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review from Tosca Lee. All of my opinions are my own.  Thank you, Tosca Lee for this opportunity. I enjoyed your book.

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