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Friday, August 29, 2014

Good-bye to Summer

By K. L. Bridgewater

As the labor day and the closing of summer approaches, I reflected on this past summer. As a rule, I HATE summer. I'm more of a person who tends to lean toward fall and winter. In the coming weeks, I will include some of my favorite things about fall. But for today, I wander if this summer was fun. It wasn't that hot in Indiana, which was a huge blessing.

Right now, if you walk outside the weather is 100 degrees for the heat index. The hottest it has been all summer. I hate sweating, bugs, and having to endure the heat.  My golden retriever, Happy, is panting hard as she sits outside next to her five gallon bucket, refreshed with cold water from the first thing in the morning. On the other hand, Snoopy, our beagle, is sunbathing directly in the shade, which I find odd because he's a dark colored dog, and he enjoys the summer. The winter, however, is a different story.

This summer, I took my boys swimming at the local swimming pool that overlooks a huge lake. There is a curving white slide that leads into the three feet, which makes it easy for little kids to enjoy their sense of freedom. My two oldest boys, age 12 and 9 ventured off the diving board into the 12 feet, while Obadiah, who just turned 6, paddled into the four feet after going down the slide himself.

We did the summer reading program and introduce the children to many new classic books. Isaiah enjoyed The Three Musketeers by one of my favorite authors, Alexandre Dumas; Elijah kept reading the Percy Jackson series; Obadiah read a few Franklin and Disney books.

Personally, I moved on from my disappointment of not winning any contests and kept praying and worshiping God. I have started a three book series with the first book titled, Face of Admiration. It is the story of Devin Sanders, a detective, and Chloe Walker, a bookstore employee. In October, I will be introducing them to the world. I can't wait. I wrote the first chapter and the synopsis, which I have the joy of having DiAnn Mills, author of Firewall, critique when I attend the ACFW conference next month.

I have found the joy in writing again. In my first chapter, Chloe finds a dead body wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the words "Devin" etched across its chest. On the other side of town, Devin takes a call from an obsessed fan who claims to have killed someone.

Do I have you interested yet? What was your favorite part of this past summer? Did you start a new book? What's it about? Did you branch out and experience something new?

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