Friday, November 29, 2019

Different Hobbies

By Kelly Bridgewater

Of course, we all know I LOVE to read.

If you can't tell, then you need to spend some more time browsing this blog.

I adore a good book where I can get lost and have an adventure right from my living room.

But . . .

I do have other hobbies.

I don't include my day job in this. Even though it can be nice, it can also be annoying.

What do I enjoy doing when I'm not reading a novel?

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I really enjoy cross-stitching.

I have cross-stitched Christmas stockings for my entire family.

I cross-stitched my Christmas tree skirt with a Christmas village on it.

I have done a number of baby blankets for my boys, my niece, my nephews, and close friends' babies.

I have done tons of pictures which have been framed around my house, my mother's house, and my mother-in-laws.

It takes a lot of patience, but I find it relaxing and enjoying.

I also liked to write stories, but I don't do that much anymore.

What about you? Is there any hobbies that you have? Do you paint pictures? Do you make quilts? Tell me. I want  to know.

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