Friday, January 6, 2017

Kelly's Favorite Books of 2016

By Kelly Bridgewater

During 2014, I have always wanted to find out how many books I read during the year. I read A LOT, but I have never kept a journal with the names and authors of whose books I read this year. During 2016, I had a hard time with the passing of my Daddy, dealing with my Daddy's final expenses and things while my family moved to another town. It has been a crazy and hectic year. I really didn't read as much as I usually do. Or write. Or research for my novel.

In 2014, I read 192 books. In 2015, 201 books, but for 2016, I only read 90 books. ALOT different than normal. That's okay. I hope during 2017, I read not as much either because I want to work on my novel.

But since this is the beginning of 2017, I want to inform you of my favorite books of 2016. (This list is just a listing of my favorite books in no particular order. Enjoy!)

So here goes:

Playing the Part by Jen Turano (All images are from Amazon unless noted!)

Sister Dear by Laura McNeil

Always Watching and Without Warning by Lynette Eason

The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder and A Lesson in Love and Murder by Rachel McMillan


When Death Draws Near by Carrie Stuart Parks

The Long Journey to Jake Palmer by James Rubart


Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig


Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin


What were your favorite books from 2016? Have you read these books? Did you discover a new genre to read?


  1. Thank you, Kelly! I'm so honored to see Anchor in the Storm on your list!