Friday, December 30, 2016


By Kelly Bridgewater

Hello . . .

Anyone out there . . .

I have some really exciting news that I want to share . . . but I'm not sure if anyone actually reads my reviews and writing advice.

Currently, I share my book reviews every Tuesday and give some Writerly or some type of Advice that I have felt God lays on my heart every Friday. I rarely get anyone to comment on my blog posts. 
I do have about 100 plus people look at my blog every time I post something, but rarely do any of you ever comment on my posts. Even though I do leave open ended questions on the end of 99 percent of my posts.

Are you one of them that stops by and reads the post, but don't leave anything?

Don't worry! I do it on some blog posts too.

I rarely comment unless there is a giveaway for something that I want to win!

I bet you're the same way.

I understand. Trust me, I truly do.

SO . . .

I have decided to do something new for the new year.

I want more interaction on my blog. I need to make this platform work better for me. I know I don't have a book published . . .yet. Still working on that. It has been really hard for me to work on my personal writing in the past year with the passing of my Daddy. I pray that I have the desire to write again soon. I'll never reach my goal of being a published writer if I don't sit down and actually write.

Well . . .  here is the good news.


Book Reviews on MONDAY with an open ended question. More reviews on Wednesday to fill in when I can't get an author to do an interview.

An interview, and hopefully, a giveaway once a month or more ON WEDNESDAYS with the author of the book that I reviewed on Monday.

On FRIDAY, I will lay my heart on the line with some form of encouragement, either from the Bible, some writerly advice, or anything else that I feel needs to be written. Since I want to connect with more readers and writers here, I hope this honesty captures more people's attention.

In addition, on the LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH, I will give an update on my personal writing and research for my World War II thriller, so I will have some form of accountability to YOU. Yes, you. I hope you will keep me in check on my personal writing. Or it will never get done.
Plus, this last Friday of the month, I will have a GIVEAWAY of one book or a number of books. Depends on how many I have acquired that I would like to unload.

Also, I am starting a Facebook page for Where Faith and Books Meet. I will be sharing my posts every time I post them. This is another way that you guys can interact with me and my writing. I will also do random GIVEAWAYS on there, so you can win even more stuff that has to do with my writing or books in general that is totally separate from the giveaways on this blog. I will work on this upcoming week getting that started. As soon as it is ready, I will announce it here with a GIVEAWAY. So be listening! Thanks!

Are you ready to take this journey with me? This won't work if I don't have more participation on your end. Then I am just white noise in the world of tons of writing blogs out there.

Leave a comment to show that you are on board to help me out! Please sign up at the top by sharing your email address. That way you don't miss out on a single post that I share.

There will be a GIVEAWAY for everyone who leaves both a comment on this blog post and signs up with their email address. But you have to do BOTH to be entered. I have some nice prizes to start this new jump into the new format of my blog. (All of my giveaways are open to U.S. Residents only! I love for you to comment if you are from another country, but the cost to ship a book to you is extremely HIGH for this one income family. )

Again, are you ready to take this journey with me?

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