Friday, October 28, 2016

A Tribute to My Daddy

By Kelly Bridgewater

If you have followed by blog for the past year, you would know that on Halloween last year, I lost my Daddy. Still today, we don't know why he died, but it was a horrible day and year for me. I wrote a tribute to my father last April as we celebrated the sixth month passing of my father.

Well, on Monday, it has been an year without him.

What has changed?

Let me tell you . . .

When someone loses their parent, especially one that they were close to, it is hard to really believe they are gone. I have wanted to call him on a number of occasions and have him reassure me that I am doing the right thing.

After I returned from the ACFW conference in August in Nashville, I wanted to call my Daddy and tell me about the conference. Instead, I came home to my husband and boys who missed me, but really didn't want to listen to what I learned and did. Not there thing at all.

Father's Day was rough. I spent the day celebrating my Father-in-Law, who I really enjoy, don't get me wrong. BUT . . . it was weird celebrating only one father this year. I miss the Saturday drive to my father's apartment where I would give him a new book that he placed in Amazon wishlist and spend time hunting for the right card that really showed my feelings for him.

Last week, on October 21 would have been my father's 68th birthday, I promised him last year to make him his mother's German Chocolate Cake since I recently acquired the recipe from his littlest sister, Colleen. I don't like chocolate cake, but I'll have a slice in his honor.

Tomorrow, my sister, brother, and mother are coming today to have a second funeral in his honor. We are going to have a bar-b-que and share memories about Daddy.

This last year has been an emotional journey that I really didn't want to take so early in my life. I still cry when I think of my Daddy and how much I miss him.

That's enough for this blog post. Thanks for letting me share!

I miss my Daddy!!

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