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Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason: Sins of the Past

By Kelly Bridgewater

In Dee Henderson's "Missing," a Wyoming sheriff is called to Chicago when his elderly mother goes missing. Paired with a savvy Chicago cop, the two realize her disappearance is no accident, and a race against the clock begins.

Dani Pettrey returns to Alaska with "Shadowed," introducing readers to the parents of her beloved McKenna clan. Adventure, romance, and danger collide when a young fisherman nets the body of an open-water swimming competitor who may actually be a possible Russian defector.

Lynette Eason's "Blackout" delivers the story of a woman once implicated in a robbery gone wrong. The loot has never been found--but her memory of that night has always been unreliable. Can she remember enough to find her way to safety when the true culprit comes after her?

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My Review:

When I heard this book was being published, I couldn't wait to read it. I love all three authors and own everything all three of them have written, so I really couldn't wait to dive in and loose myself for a couple of hours. Each of the short novellas have nothing to do with each other, so you don't have to start from the beginning and read straight through. You could read them in any order. I, however, read them in the order they appear in the novel.

In Dee Henderson's "Missing," the story concept is pretty interesting. A missing elderly mother and her sheriff son wants to find her. I really enjoyed watching Henderson show me the entire thought process of Sharon and John Graham, the son. The inter-workings of the case to discover his mother kept me glued to the page. I enjoyed the mystery and couldn't wait to see who kidnapped his mother and why. Unfortunately, the ending does not satisfy me at all. The person's reason for taking the mother appeared fake and left me disappointed.

In Dani Pettrey's "Shadowed," I enjoy returning to Alaska and watching the love story between the widely popular McKenna clan's parents. They were not in the Alaskan courage series, even though they were alluded to on a number of occasions. Like always, Pettrey's mystery grabbed my attention, and I learned more about competitive open water swimming than I ever knew. I really enjoyed her story. I just wished it was longer.

Finally, Lynette Eason's "Blackout," captured my attention in the first chapter with Macey seeing someone with no face peering into her house. I enjoyed the non-stop action and race to the end where I discovered the person behind the death attempts on Macey's life. Of the three, this was my favorite novella in this collection. I really enjoyed Eason's story. Even the ending left me happy. I don't know how Eason can pack so much thrills in such a short space, but she doesn't leave me disappointed.

In conclusion, all three of the novellas each have their own plot. While the ending to "Missing" left me desiring more, "Shadowed" and "Blackout" stood out and shined in the darkness of the suspense running rapid through the plots. I recommend fans of these authors previous work to pick this novella set up and enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of Sins of the Past from Bethany House Publishers and the opinions stated are all my own.

My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

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