Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Patricia Bradley: Silence in the Dark

By Kelly Bridgewater

Two years ago, Bailey Adams broke off her engagement to Danny Maxwell and fled Logan Point for the mission field in Chihuahua, Mexico. Now she's about to return home to the States, but there's just one problem. After Bailey meets with the uncle of one of the mission children in the city, she barely escapes a sudden danger. Now she's on the run--she just doesn't know from whom. To make matters worse, people who help her along the way find themselves in danger too--including Danny. Who is after her? Will they ever let up? And in the midst of the chaos, can Bailey keep herself from falling in love with her rescuer all over again?

With lean, fast-paced prose that keeps readers turning the pages, Patricia Bradley pens a superb story of suspense and second chances.

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My Review:

Since Romantic suspense is one of my favorite type of genres to read, I picked up Patricia Bradley’s first book in her Logan Point series Shadows of the Past and continued to read A Promise to Protect and Gone Without a Trace. They were riveting stories filled with romance and danger, just the way I like my romantic suspense books to be. Silence in the Dark, however, stills instills the danger and romance I wanted.

Right away, the story has the main heroine, Bailey running from the bad guys while carrying a little girl away from danger. For the first eighth of the book, the story moves at a quick pace. But the story slows down once Bailey, Marie, and Danny come to America. It is like the story comes to a standstill and everyone is safe and secure. Yes, there are still moments of threat hanging over every move that the characters make, but they are not threatening physically. I kept flipping the pages, waiting for something to happen, but for a long time, nothing did.

Bailey and Danny are trying to figure out if they should pursue a relationship together or move apart. I enjoyed how Bailey worried about Marie, the four-year-old girl from her school back in Mexico. She did everything she could to make sure that whoever wanted Marie and Bailey did no harm to Marie. Bailey was a brave woman who never wavered from her strong faith in God. On the other hand, Danny is a strong man who pines after Bailey even after she turned down his marriage proposal two years ago. He protects her and yearns for her.

Silence in the Dark seemed, to me, like every other drug cartel story from Mexico that I have read or watched. There was nothing really original about it. I figured out who the person was who wanted to bring harm to Bailey and Marie pretty early on, and Bradley lead me right to the finale, which proved my suspicion.

If you are a fan of Colleen Coble, Irene Hannon, and Lynette Eason, then I suggest picking up Patricia Bradley’s Logan Point series.

I received a complimentary copy of Silence in the Dark from Revell Publishing and the opinions stated are all my own. 

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

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