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Friday, November 13, 2015

Power of Story
By Kelly Bridgewater

What is the character who stuck with you the most from any book?

A character who stuck with me is Edmund Dantes from Alexandre Dumas' literary masterpiece The Count of Monte Cristo. I felt so bad when he had everything going for him, being a captain of the Pharaon with the most beautiful woman in town about to marry him, a loving father, and the respect of important figures in town. But then, a couple of men became jealous and wanted to hide their secrets, so they shamed Edmund and stuck him in prison for 17 years before he got out. I'm not going to tell you how he got out. Everyone should read this book. It is a book I return to every year. LOVE it!! This story keeps me engaged.

While the character stick with me, I love the plot too. It is about revenge and forgiveness. If Edmund Dantes would have allowed the revenge to keep root in his heart, it would have torn him apart. Piece by piece. I love stories where the underdog comes out on top. Those are the types of stories that I am drawn to. 

But how many times do you hear from a reader commenting on a writer's Facebook page or a review of their book saying that this book changed their life?

A lot. I know. 

How about the woman who is struggling with her marriage, but Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance and A Time to Embrace helped reunite the couple? Or reading a certain book while int the hospital helped a patient fighting for his/her life with cancer?

I want to be the type of reader that keeps my reader engaged in the plot and interact with my characters on a personal and emotional level.
But I most want to write a story that God places on my heart and use it to help or change someone's life. I want to see someone grow closer to God after reading my story or see someone give their life to God because the Gospel wasn't even handed to them in that fashion. 

Don't we all want that?

The opportunity to change  a life.

What story have you read the changed your life and how?

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