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Friday, January 30, 2015

Entering Jesus into Your Story

By Kelly Bridgewater

When you create your story, you make sure you have all the necessary stuff to write, correct? You know what I’m talking about, the right music, the right chair, the right laptop. Have that outline handy? What about pictures of your hero and heroine? A map of the town. The Book Buddy from acclaimed author, Susan May Warren.

Good. Now you can start writing your plot. Fix those characters in moment of distress. Allow them to fall in love. Allow them to run for their lives. Allow them to question their existence. Allow them to question God.

If you weren’t honest with yourselves, you wouldn’t have your characters questioning God. We all do it. It is part of our lives. Part of the free will God has given us when he created us.

But even though you struggle to write the words on the blank canvas of the computer screen, you forgot to do the most important thing to prepare your heart and mind to create. What is it you ask?


Did you ask God to inhabit the story? Did you ask God to invade your imagination and allow the story to show a little bit more of him for a reader who might need some moments of inspiration and encouragement for their day? Something that might seem small and insignificant to you, but when the book reaches the hand of one reader, it may change their entire perspective on life. Maybe they would even seek after God and join a church where they learn more about this loving Savior who cared enough for them that he gave his life for them.

What would happen if we allowed God to use us writers as a vessel to share his story? Maybe we would change the world for the better. He used a bunch of raggedy men in the Old and New Testaments to write down the stories of their lives and told how God changed their lives. How many people read that book? It is still the number one greatest selling book of all times. So the writers must have allowed God to breathe life into the Bible and has changed millions of lives.

I want to be the type of writer, where the words I spend hours constructing as I create characters who struggle with life, which uses my God-given talent to draw others to him. If I don’t do this for God, then I do my writing in vain. I believe God wants me to inspire and change at least one person with my words.

How about you? Do you remember to invite God to invade your writing every time you sit down to write?

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